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Antique style halo engagement ring with asscher cut moissanite and lab grown diamond halo


A modern antique style halo engagement ring with a step cut asscher stone. Glowing white gold, Charles and Colvard Forever One colorless asscher cut moissanite (6.5mm, 1.25ct equivalent). Brilliant colorless lab cultured diamonds in the unique bezel style halo. Narrow squared band with a comfort fit, delicate yet sturdy. The setting is slightly lifted to allow a wedding band to stack neatly against the engagement ring.

Modern, yet with a distinctly antique vibe. This ring features a square step cut stone with deeply cropped corners. It has been set vertically, creating an elegant diamond shape. The stone is brilliantly white, with and "endless hall of mirrors" reflective sparkle. Surrounding the central stone is a halo of FGVS eco-friendly lab cultured diamonds. Genuine diamond crystal that is grown in a lab and then cut by traditional diamond cutters. I love lab created diamonds, they are real diamonds but without the worry about the effect of mining on the environment (or the funding of conflicts in diamond rich countries). These are gorgeous, super high quality colorless and inclusion free.

• 14kt white gold. This listing is also available in 14kt rose or yellow gold.
• 6.5mm (1.25ct diamond equivalent weight) Charles and Colvard Forever One colorless asscher cut moissanite stone
• FGVS lab grown diamond halo

This ring will be custom made in your size, please specify your ring size as you check out. Or you can contact me directly for a custom listing.

Buyers, please know that your order will take around 4-6 weeks to make. Calculate 4 weeks from the date that I received payment and you will have your soonest possible shipping date (4-5 weeks is more the standard). If you have a special occasion, please let me know and I will try to work with you. Some items will not take that long to ship out, but in general 3 weeks is the absolute minimum amount of time I need to actually make something. I also charge an express order fee for any deadlines under 4 weeks. Special projects will likely take longer than 4 weeks, but I will keep you updated on the progress on your special order.

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