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Asymmetric diamond nesting ring, Silver Lining diamond cloud band, recycled gold and diamonds


Solid gold and diamond nesting band. Asymmetric diamond cluster ring with a rising cloud of pure white Canadian or lab grown diamonds. Organically engraved settings hug completely clear and fiery diamonds. Nests perfectly with a low profile solitaire.

● Details ●

▾Nesting band▾

Satiny yellow 14kt gold (pictured). Matte finish with organic textured settings. The band is a bit under 2mm wide and rounded for a comfort fit. Optional carved texture on the band, smooth or textured, your choice.

►Stones: 10 Canadian origin FG color VS clarity diamonds with a total carat weight of .25ct.


FGVS lab grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are diamond mineral that is grown in a lab and then cut and polished just like conventional mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds have all of same physical and optical properties of natural diamonds because they are actual diamonds. Just grown in a lab, not dug from the ground.

Modern antique style textured settings. Low profile and easy to wear.

►Material: 14kt yellow gold (pictured), also available in 14kt ivory, bright white, peach, pink, or green gold. If you are interested in palladium, platinum, or 18kt golds, please send me an email for a custom quote.

Custom made in your size.

►These rings can be made with a variety of different gemstones in varying sizes. Please email me if you are interested in a different stone, stone size, or shape. This set can be made using moissanite, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or lab cultured diamonds, so feel free to email if you are interested in other stones. This ring would look amazing with salt and pepper diamonds, Montana sapphires, or emeralds for example.

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