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Organically carved white gold stacking ring, Tumbling Blocks wedding band


Tumbling Blocks bands. White gold stacking rings. Each is unique, with different shapes and block arrangement. These can be made in different colors of gold, and with diamonds interspersed between the blocks. Please contact me for custom orders.

18kt palladium white gold, satin matte finish. About 3.5mm at the widest points. Composed of gently rounded blocks arranged asymmetrically around the band. These would look great stacked 1-3 in a row, or with:

Buyers, please know that your order will take around 4 weeks to make. Calculate 4 weeks from the date that I received payment and you will have your soonest possible shipping date (4-5 weeks is more the standard). If you have a special occasion, please let me know and I will try to work with you. Some items will not take that long to ship out, but in general 3 weeks is the absolute minimum amount of time I need to actually make something. I also charge an express order fee for any deadlines under 4 weeks. Special projects will likely take longer than 4 weeks, but I will keep you updated on the progress on your special order.

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