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Sail Ring antique style engagement ring mounting, bezel set 18kt rose gold semi-mount


Modern bezel set engagement ring with an antique feel. It has a hand carved band that spreads out from the stone and then narrows and widens again with angled curves. The stone pictured was a half carat Old European cut (OEC) diamond. European cut diamonds have fewer facets than modern brilliant cut diamonds, with a smaller table and a larger crown. The larger facets create a chunky, unique looking sparkle.

Glowing 18kt pink gold. Recycled precious metal.

***THIS LISTING IS FOR THE SETTING ONLY. Please contact me for pricing on European or modern brilliant cut diamonds. I think this ring would work best with .50ct to 1ct stones.***

I purchase my materials from a company with a strong commitment to the environment, and whose diamonds are conflict free and metals are recycled. Enjoy your jewelry without worrying about harmful mining practices.

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