A Little Bit About Design

My ideas come from everywhere. The shape of a lamp, cursive handwriting, branches, thoughts about movement, costume jewelry, and on and on. Most of the time I can't really tell where they come from. They just come into my mind and then I do variations upon variations. I have a few sketch books around, but this is my main one (along with a disgruntled looking pug in the background...I won't let him up on my lap. He hates that.) Note how it says sketchbook on the front. That is how you know it is a sketchbook. I had two other books that I was using, but I recently combined the other two into this one. I like the format, it's much easier to draw and write on both sides of the paper.

This is one of my random idea pages from my book, which will from now on be called the Bible. When I like one of these random ideas I go on and try to develop it further, with more detailed drawings, like below:

When I progress with an idea I also try to think about the feasibility of making this in metal, what steps I would need to take and in what order I should take them in, what other variations on the basic theme would be interesting, and finally researching how much it would cost to make it. After that, I start making it, but that would be another post. I am planning on blogging about the actual production process in the future. Check back for that if you are interested in metalworking.

The next post coming up in what I like to call my introduction series is: "The Studio, A Guided Tour"

Check back in a few days for pictures of my workspace and a basic introduction of tools and all sorts of things!