Stacking Rings

(rings set up for soldering)

Until yesterday I had been working without pickle. Pickle is a acidic solution that takes oxidation from the surface metal, this is especially important with sterling silver, since it has the tendency to oxidize in the presence of heat. My life was incredibly hard before I got off my tush and went into town to get some of this vital chemical. Now I don't have to spend forever polishing! It was nice too, to see everyone at Otto Frei. Woody (the cantankerous manager) even gave me a chocolate. Then I stopped by Good Neighbors Lapidary, which is in the same building and picked up some tiny white sapphires to make some earrings and theses rings:

I know stacking rings are incredibly ubiquitous right now, but I love them all the same. I love how small and light they are, but then they look so solid when you stack them together. I also love setting stones, so this was fun to do.

This setting is called a tube setting. It's commonly used on diamonds and other faceted stones. You can buy this particular set here. Or you can have some custom made for you in a different metal and with different stones. It's up to you! Just contact me on etsy or send an email to singlebdesign (at)

Cheers for now! Look for some new earrings in the next day or two.
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