From Disaster, Experimentation

Hi! In my previous post I explained how I had lost an earring (that I had only worn once, by the way) down the drain. Well, I decided to melt down the remaining earring and try a new thing with it.

See below:

The ring above is the fruit of my labor. I had to melt a the earring with a little bit of scrap gold I had left over from my jewelry classes I took last fall to make the little pebble that the stone is set it. But I had a plain gold band (also from class) and that I decided needed to be jazzed up. It's super pretty on. I tried it on with these:

And it looked amazing. I think I might make a mixed set of gold and silver with different stones. I love setting stones like this. It's so much fun. Here is a picture of one ring that has already been prepared for setting:

This ring was a custom order. Since the ring size was a little larger than I have made in this style before, I had to make some adjustments.

First I had to make the setting appear larger, and I also had to adjust how the circle setting fit onto the band. Both of these made it more difficult to set the stone, and I actually had to cut the stone free at one point and rebuild the entire setting! (argh!) It was a pain in the behind, but I learned something from it, and won't have to do it again (hopefully).

This ring has a 5mm white sapphire set in the center. These have been pretty popular and I have a three more as custom orders this week. People like changing the stone up, and bright colors seem to be the thing.