I Love Gold

I didn't always love gold. When I was a teenager I use to sneer at it. The yellow color was so uncool. Silver reigned in my heart, and I didn't own a single piece of gold jewelry.

I've now learned the error of my ways. Everything I hated about gold when I was younger, I love now. The warm honey color, the rich yellow tones. It is the most beautiful metal.

Fun gold fact:

All of the gold that has ever been mined gathered together would be the size of a giant cube about the size of a tennis court. That doesn't seem like much, does it? But most gold jewelry isn't solid gold. It's mixed with other metals (usually silver, copper, and nickle) to produce different colors and karats of gold. 24kt gold is really too soft to make wearable jewelry in. It can be done, and is, but it is easily marred, and a ring made of 24kt gold will wear down much quicker than a 22kt or 18kt gold ring.

These earrings I just made are made of 14kt gold. I like them, they are for sale in my shop, but I will probably make a pair for myself!