In Praise of Etsy

Recently I have been trying to get a commission from a member of Etsy. There is a great feature that allows members to list a request for something that they would like made and then other crafters can make bids on making it. This particular request was for a bangle or a bracelet. So I put in a bid with a description of what I would make. The lady got back to me and asked to see something along the same lines as my description. Since I didn't have anything on hand I made this ring:

I was thinking I would make a bangle in a similar style. With more stones and a thicker wall, but keeping the profile very similar. Said she thought it was great, but that she had to speak to her husband about it (it's for his sister). So I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I love flush setting stones, so it would be great to have an excuse to do a whole bunch of them.