singleB B

A lot of the time, when making jewelry, the biggest problem you face is how to hold the piece while you work on it. Most jewelry is pretty small, and your fingers can only hold it so tightly. Sometimes you need both hands to do what you need to do. That's why jewelers have come up with a myriad of ways to hold things. I was working on a little letter charm/pendant today and at a certain point I need to use a graver on the piece to make it look more 3 dimensional. To do that without poking myself in the hand with a sharp tool, I had to fix it in firmly in place. I ended up using heated shellac on a wooden board. (I heated it in the microwave, I don't know if that's kosher, but it worked!) Then I clamped it into my engravers block and went to work.

I was removing metal from certain spots to give the impression that the metal twisted in the middle of the two curves that form the B. Did it work?

I was working from this cool old alphabet from the 14th century. I love different fonts!