Creator's Block?

Hello folks,

I'm having a terrible time getting motivated to do anything more than what has been ordered. Like right now, I've just finished a couple of orders of stacking rings and I should be doing something like making new earrings, or working on my business card design, but I'm not.  I'm listening to the radio and eating a granola bar whilst looking through the newspaper in a desultory manner (I love that phrase, I always imagine saying it a snooty british accent).  I did manage to make an order for metals (I'm going to start working in argentium soon).  I have this awesome order for a custom wedding set that I'm excited to start and I'm going to use 14kt palladium white gold for it.  I received the 6mm white sapphire that I'm going to use today and it is gorgeous!  Can't wait.

But then today I find a ring that is basically a rip off of my pebble ring (it even has the same size stone).  I realize that there is nothing I can do, and there is always the possibility that this other seller on etsy came up with it on their own (amazingly just a few weeks after I start making them!).  It's not as if it's a crazy unique design.  But it still bothers me.  I can now see how people are so worked up about intellectual property rights.  It really takes the fun out of making things or coming up with new ideas when you have to worry about some shmoe taking them.  

But!  I'm not afraid!  And that is why I'm going to post a detailed picture of what I plan to do next:

Copy them if you dare! Arrrh! Arrh!!  (Pirate accent, eye patch included.)

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