A Festival of Earrings!

I have two new earrings in my lineup. One you have already seen the sketch of: I finished my first trial pair yesterday:

I like them. I have them on now.

Sorry, I haven't perfected the art of taking a photo of myself. Can't seem to get the camera to focus on the earring.

My second pair I am calling the Silver Tangle Earrings:

I made some adjustments to the design. Right now I'm liking the silver, not sure if I want to oxidize the bottom tangles just yet. I'm also using a smaller stone, 3mm white sapphires instead of 5mm white topaz. I will probably make another pair with the big stones. I think they will be fun that way, and less expensive.

I don't have a finished picture yet. They are almost done, just waiting for a polish and then the stones to be set. I'll probably post them tomorrow.