I love Flush Setting

It's my favorite type of setting.  Today I tried something new with this type of setting.  I thought it would be fun to use stones that were too small to see!  1.2mm is pretty darn small.  To complicate things I was trying to set them in band that was not a whole lot bigger than the stone themselves.  The custom wedding order I'm working on might include an eternity band to go with the solitare and wedding band.  I'm totally comfortable flush setting stones that are around 2mm or larger, but the customer wants the eternity ring to match the size of the other two bands, and that means around 2mm.  So I tried this:

It's a little rough, and I think I can do better, but this was my first try.  If they do want me to do it, I will probably practice some more and make the band out of slightly larger wire (2.25mm vs. 2.0mm).  

I know that 1.2mm doesn't seem that much smaller than 2mm, but let me show you a picture that I send customers to help them visualize stone sizes:

That little one on the end is a 2mm stone, so just picture a 1.2mm as a grain of sand.  No, not really, but super tiny!  6mm is a little bit smaller than one carat, fyi.

Well, now I have to get back to work.  I'm sick today (horrible sore throat), so I want to get finished in time to go get pho.  I'm usually a vegetarian, but sometimes I eat meat, especially if I'm feeling sickly.  (I'm more of hamburgertarian, really.  I love hamburgers, especially with blue cheese on them.  Can't get enough of the Captain Neon burger at McMennemin's)