Another Corpse in the Graveyard of Jewelry Dreams

Sometimes you just have to try something a few times before it works. And now I know exactly what I did wrong, and what I need to do to make it work. Can you at least tell what I'm aiming for here? I plan to pair it with the eternity band. And the mistakes I made actually gave me ideas for other things, so it wasn't a total loss. What happened was that the tube I was setting the stone in wasn't fully fused to the bowl, and it came loose when I already had the stone set. Then, when I tried to re-fuse the setting it fused all wonky and the stone cracked. Even though it was a sapphire and should have been fine in the flame. Despairing, I hit it with a hammer, and that was the end of that. I kind of like the rough uneven look of the outside cup, probably going to remake it and exagerrate that effect.

Today I took the train into the city to hit Otto Frei and buy some odds and ends and then go to a gemstone dealer in the same building to buy stones. And we are now having people over for dinner and I need to get cooking, but I'm sooooo tired. I think I will drink my old coffee that is still sitting in the cup from this morning. I know, gross.

p.s. I also finally received my gemstone tray in the mail today, and sorted all of my stone inventory into it, which is a huge relief. No more rifling through endless little plastic bags and loose envelopes. Yay!
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