I am losing my mind...

...with frustration.

I can't find this little wooden stick with a lump of crystalline wax on the end. I use it to move stones around with I am stone setting. Right now I want to get an eternity band finished. Small stones, 1.7mm. And I can't move them with my fingers, and I don't want to drop any into my catch tray (which is filled with scrap and dust and other detritus that makes it impossible to find any small stone that falls into it.) I was working on it yesterday before I quit work and now I can't find that dang tool. It's driving me insane because I have a heavy workload at the moment and I want to get this thing done. ARghh!!!!!!! And since my work is pretty stone dependent there is nothing I can do right now! Why, oh why don't I have another one of those sticks??!?! No wax either. This is killing me. I've torn my studio apart looking for it, but no dice.

Crisis. A total standstill in the studio at the moment.