I have Arrived

So, week before last I finally moved into a studio.....just in time to have a very slow two weeks at work. Lol. So of course I am freaking out. But things are not slow, slow. Just not crazy like the last couple of months. I suppose the wedding onslaught couldn't last forever. But now I am trying to get everything in a line to hit the holiday season in stride. I think I will buy that equipment I talked about in a previous post this month. I am going to put it here:

It's going to be awesome and make my life so much easier. Some of my designs are crazy labor intensive to hand build, and are actually much better suited for casting. So that will be a huge relief, to be able to cast instead of break my back fabricating.

The one drawback: I can't bring the pugs like I thought I could.... :-( And the landlord is a bit of a jerk. So that's not awesome. But all in all, I'm glad to have the place for now. Yay!