And it's a Go!!!

Dearest readers, after much frustration and terrible ineptitude on the part of a witless comcast flunky this morning (poor man, had no idea what he was doing. 2.5hrs!), I finally have my own internet and no longer have to steal it from one of my neighbors. Coffee, pugs, and etsy emails. Ah, Monday.

This week is the big week (and not just dinner with the boyfriend's parents...wish me luck). I am determined to get my casting stuff up and going. It's a terrible shame that I've let it go so long. So I've taken a few pictures to illustrate just what I'm up against.

Kiln! Please note the open manual just in front of it. Programmable, but only if you are a crusty old goldsmithing man with a large white beard.

Crucible. I had debated about getting a metal melting furnace, but I decided to try a casting torch first.

It may say EZ, but I'm not sure it will be. Maybe after I've put it through it's paces a couple of times I will figure it all out. I think I will need to get a helper for the actual casting part since I'm not sure I should be melting metal while I get the mold out of the kiln. I might start something on fire.

Crazy fine dust stuff that is sort of like plaster of paris, but much more dangerous to your health. I have to wear a crazy respirator when I use. I mix it up with water and then pour it over my wax models. When it hardens and the wax is burned out, I then have a mold to pour the metal in.

Ok, no design Monday today. Too much stuff to do and I didn't feel creative with the comcast guy here all morning. But maybe next week...

Next post, holiday banner!