And we are live in 5,4,3,2,.....

Well, sort of. Yesterday was epically bad for me. Everything seemed to be going wrong, and I was walking around in a fog. Fedex, which normally delivers at my house like clockwork right at 11-11:30 decided to deliver my new computer (!!!!) at 10am instead. So I missed the delivery. Which then necessitated a trip to BFE, otherwise known as the far reaches of NE Portland, past the airport. Right during rush hour. Then I had to endure this huge strip mall development (really, why would you build all of this stuff out in the middle of nowhere? Seriously!) to buy a wireless router at Bestbuy (another place I despise! But it was right next door to a Petsmart (of course) so I did get the pugs their favorite toy, which is a rubber ball thing in the shape of a cat). But then, upon my return home, I discovered that the pugs had made it into my bedroom and the littlest pug had peed on my floor, and someone, I'm not pointing fingers (Dieter), had puked on my pillow. Yes. It was disgusting.

Ok, so I was all ready to not let that ruin my night. I unpacked my gorgeous new Mac (people, I've been limping along with the computer that I purchased for grad school a million years ago), and set it up where I wanted it, when it occurred to me that my living room only has two outlets, very inconveniently situated. Again I was like, no problem! I will just get out the extension cords I got the other day (Smart me! Thinking ahead!) and use them. Alas, these two extension cords only had two prong inlets. Sweet! As we all know, computer plugs are three pronged, of course. Then, I also realized that the plug thing for the cable modem was across the room was nowhere near an electrical outlet. And modems tend to need to be plugged in. All during this, the littlest pug is just going crazy. Jumping and running and harassing Gunter, who is having ear problems and just wants to lay in front of the fire. It was just too much. But I rallied. I talked to my best friend on the phone and whined about all that had gone wrong and that seemed to help. Then I drove to Fred Meyer at 9pm-ish to buy a cord and a coaxial cable to string across the living room. Yay! Well, it also turns out that I probably didn't need 50ft of the cable. Who knew?

Ok, so at this point I just want to have the computer plugged in and turned on. Well, I underestimated the distance to the electrical outlet behind the couch that I wanted to reach. It worked, but barely, and not in the best or safest way. 50ft of coaxial cable later, I have the modem plugged in and the wireless router up and running. Computer turned on, searching for internet. Nothing! Nothing! (I had already called Comcast and had it all set up for a switch on yesterday.) So I called Comcast. Of course nothing worked and they couldn't send someone for a thousand years and when they do schedule a time I will have to stick around the house all freaking day. Which, really people, I can't do at this moment. Seriously. I'm about to explode with all the work I have to do. And then I'm going to visit my sister this week and taking Friday off. Which just isn't helping. I want to see my niece though. I digress. At this point, with the computer balanced precariously on the edge of my little table and cord everywhere and packing material all over the place I just throw in the towel and go to bed.

Ok, so that was my bad day. I'm sure that it is pretty mild in the way of bad days (except, of course, for puke on my pillow). It was just a series of unfortunate events that cumulatively added up to a very frustrating day.

But I have a new computer! At home now! So I can now answer emails while I drink my coffee and the pugs play at my feet. I love having a studio, but having the computer there has really affected the quality of my communication with customers and my blogging. At 5pm, the last thing I want to do is stick around the studio and answer emails and blog.

I'm pretty excited! I have plans for the holidays. I want to create a new holiday shop banner and do some more blogging about specific items and maybe do some more process photos.

Casting Update:

So, all of the equipment that I purchased last month has just been sitting in my studio unused and sending me reproachful glares when my back is turned. "I know kiln and vacuum table! I see you there and I want to use you! I do! I'm just so busy that I can't get to you!"

I'm also a little bit nervous about going it alone. Whenever I've cast before it's been under the guidance of someone more experienced. You know? So, technically, I know what to do. But I'm nervous to do it alone. I'm afraid the kiln might explode. I haven't even turned either thing on. But I'm going to. Because the thought of hand fabricating another pebble ring or three stone ring is completely unacceptable to me. And I have BIG ideas! BIG plans!

Ok, sorry that the majority of this post was about my epically bad day. I feel better though!