The Big Day

Dearest singleB readers, if you have been following my blog you will know that I am the proud owner of a new casting set up. I purchased said set up forever ago and have yet to really use it. But that is all going to change today. As I type this, I have two molds in the kiln, steadily burning away the wax carvings inside. Everything is prepared for casting at around 5pm tonight. I'm incredibly nervous, and I don't know why. The worst thing that will happen is that they won't cast all the way, or that the mold will blow out (which I don't think will happen since I was very careful to make the end of mold pretty thick). But I am using an alloy that melts at the very margin of what the investment (plaster of paris like stuff that forms the mold) specifications can handle. So I'm a tad nervous about that. That darn palladium white gold that everyone loves. I think I might get some special investment for high temp. metals if this doesn't work out. I would also be incredibly disappointed and would have to tell the two customers whose projects they are that I will have to delay further. Which would be bad business...I hate to delay things even further.

Wax carving area. Messy with tools.

Sharp pokey and scrapey things to carve with.

Little wax detailers. Like little saw blades/files with a handle

Electric wax pen. That little metal tip can be heated to different temperatures by turning that dial on the blue box. The tips can be changed as well.

Carving on sprue in casting flask.

Investment in mixing bowl.

Two molds that have been poured and are drying out.

Okay, I will let you know how it goes later today. Nervous nervous nervous!

And because I like pretty pictures: