Etsy and other "artists"

So, ever since I joined etsy there has been this other jeweler (actually 3 other jewelers), that seemed to be picking up ideas from my website. Ideas like jewelry designs. I let it go and tried not to let it bother me until I found this:

Let me give you a side by side comparison (the two below are mine and predate the picture above):

I realize that there is nothing that I can do about this. But it makes me really really really angry, since I had never seen anything like my pebble rings when I started making them. Now this guy on etsy thinks he can just lift whatever he wants from my shop and use it in his own. And you know what!? He can. It almost makes me want to leave Etsy and just sell to stores. I wonder what he you think he stops by every month or so looking for new designs? Perhaps I should just make it easier for and send him my design sketch book. That way he could be ahead of the game.

Ok, I'm done being petulant. But really, I sort of wonder why he didn't just save himself the trouble of photographing and just download the pictures from my etsy site.

The worst part about this sort of stuff is that it really takes the joy out of what I do. It really just saps me of all my creative energy and joy.