Setting and Polishing!

FIRE! Okay, fire doesn't have anything to do with setting stones, but I'm involved in a passionate (and reckless) love affair with my torch. Which is a meco midget. For all of you jewelry people out there, this torch IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE MINI TORCH. You can find it here.

What happens to wood if you drop something hot on it.

Ok, here is a picture of a ring after I have cut a seat for the stone that I am working with. I use what is called a bud bur (you can use a ball bur as well) in my flex shaft.

In this picture I have already inserted the stone and moved some metal down over the girdle.


Jewelry people! These are magic! Magic! Highly recommended. Shofu polishing wheel, knife edge. You can get them here. I like both the brownie and the greenie. Won't hurt most hard stones, but keep them off of peridot and amethyst.