Vacuum Update

Ok, so I switched on the vacuum table for the first time today. And after causing it to make a loud popping sound and shoot something out of the side of the machine, I switched it off and consulted the pamphlet that came with it. Turns out you need to unscrew the top of the investment table to get to this pump thing inside it. So that meant I needed a screw driver. Which, you would think I have, but I don't. Sue me. Luckily enough, my studiomate had one. Ok, top off, pump accessed. Well, because of my ill judged switch on of the machine, I'm not quite sure what popped off (I'm not sure what it is called anyway) or where it is. But I found three separate pieces and assembled them and put them back in to the best of my ability. They looked like a little plastic window, and a rubber gasket along with a marker for where the oil level is. That brings me to the oil. So this monstrosity was shipped with a big bottle of oil (I think it was even labeled "vacuum oil" would never guess that I have a relatively high IQ and speak Chinese fluently. I got an A in calculus in college, I swear it). So this oil needs to go into the vacuum pump before you turn it on....or bad things happen. Like loud noises that scare the bejeesus out of a person. Luckily enough, I didn't break my new expensive toy before I had a chance to use it. I poured the oil in and reassembled and: voila! Room temperature water boiling in a vacuum. Yay!