Ahhh...Almost (re-)Organized

The new place is great! I love it. It is larger and just better suited to my work style. I really like having everything in one room. It's super bright too! And there is a fancy loft thing that is a great spot for piling all the junk you don't know what to do with. Out of sight, out of mind.
This is how I've tentatively set things up. I think it needs a little tweaking.
And the pugs were very annoyed at being in a new place at first, but I think with a judicious amount of bribing with meaty bones they will come to terms.

On another depressing topic....
Since half of my last castings in the palladium white gold I use turned out like this (the other 2 turned out freaking perfect!):


New waxes!

Wax carving is becoming much easier, so I'm glad.
I just casting to become easier too!

Ok, that is all for now. I did get the rose cut diamonds today, but I am too tired from the move/organizing to blog about it today. I think I'll post about them this week. :-) Thanks for all the comments!