Does This Float Your Boat?

I get excited just looking at this picture. Seriously.

The right tool for the right job. Wow. What a difference a good tool can make. When I first tried carving wax, I made the mistake of using the crappy, awkward, clumsy things that pass for wax carving tools in the jewelry supply catalogs. What a waste of time and $$$. It's like they were made for hacking at a large block of wood or something. You know those plastic tools that they make for children? That is what the general quality/usefulness of "wax carving" jewelry tools are compared to dental tools. Oh, shiny, pokey, beautiful dental tools! I can't get enough of you. There are so many shapes! Almost all of them fantastic!

Dental tools. I love you.

Here are a couple of tips for making jewelry, but that I also think apply to life in general:

1) Use the largest tool possible for the job.
2) Do things in order (i.e. don't skips steps. You will just have to start all over again.)
3) Things take time. Small steps lead to progress. Almost nothing can be made/done in one swoop.

Ok, that is all I had to say. Have a great Friday everyone!