If anyone was wondering

how this turned out in the end:

here it is:

I like it. Especially the big fat rim around the stone. I really tried to make that more even and symmetrical than my other pebble rings, although I like those as well. The more organic natural lo
ok is just different from this. I think I will be exaggerating that in the future and making the pebble rings more oval, rather than round, and have this one be a separate design.

Still haven't had a chance to blog about the rose cut diamonds. I was pleased with them, but they have more inclusions that I was expecting. I don't mind inclusions, especially in a natural stone, but a couple had inclusions that came all the way to the surface. I think they are gorgeous, but I'm not sure if everyone would agree. But maybe the person who is looking for a natural rose cut stone is the type who would appreciate the uniqueness that inclusions give. We'll see. Still haven't decided which to use first! I think I might wait until I have the ring in my hand and see which looks good against the metal. :-)