The choices the choices!

How can a person make up ones mind when the choices are pretty much limitless? (Excepting, of course, prongs and pavé...) What is my personal style? I'm not sure that I can identify my professional taste as different from my personal. Are they the same? I know that I very rarely make things that I wouldn't actually wear myself (but there have been a few....), but then again I don't make many things that I could make because they wouldn't be feasible to make all the time. There might be something that I could make once or twice, but that I wouldn't make on regular basis for one reason or another. When I start to think about something to make for my business, I generally have in mind a great many things that I wouldn't necessarily have to think about for my own ring (i.e. profit margin, time required, sale-ability etc.).

How do I free my creative mind of those requirements (except of course cost!) so that I can create something that will suit me? Something that I won't get tired of....(I do tend to get tired of jewelry quite quickly....but there are a few pieces that I've never stopped loving. Jade bangles and a pair of white and turquoise earrings I made a thousand years ago...that's about it.)

Until I can come up with something (or maybe several different somethings and take a survey?) I am wearing these (this style will be available in the shop this week under the name Today and Tomorrow rings, 950 palladium and diamonds):