Bad night, Happy Tuesday?

There is nothing like being woken at 3:30 in the morning by the sound of two pugs fighting like a couple of gladiators over a fallen half of rustic baguette. I'm not sure if you readers are familiar with the demonic sounds a pug can produce when locked in battle over food, but crazy and somewhat like a cross between an angry howler monkey and an out of sorts gremlin probably describes it fairly well. The kitties and pugs have decided to work in tandem against us now, it's four on two at the House of Bean. The kitties must have knocked the baguette from the kitchen island (it was wrapped in paper and the kitties love to shred paper), and the fighting then commenced between the pugs over the forbidden booty. Gunter, angelic in all other respects, has a food obsession that clouds his better judgement, Dieter is just a devil. (And yes, it was hilarious, despite the early hour.) It was a rough night though, and I'm now trying to motivate myself to leave for the studio. This is one of the harder aspects of being self-employed...having enough internal motivation.

Ah well, enough of the winter blues. I finished the wax from yesterday and wanted to share some photos. This is probably the largest stone I've really worked with, so I'm interested to see how it will turn out.