Meet my muse

Ha ha. Just kidding. But I do love him a great deal. Especially when the tiny pug is being a wicked devil. (Like the other day. Another venture onto the kitchen table, thank goodness there wasn't anything up there for him to eat.)

It is so nice to be able to take them to work! On the days that I don't take one of them, I feel so lonely! (Of course, the tiny pug can be annoying. He really likes to chew on stray pieces of carving wax that find their way to the floor..I'm pretty sure that isn't good for him...)

Speaking of carving wax..I'm working on this three stone ring for a friend, and I'm having a bit of a problem. I thought it would be pretty straight forward, but the center stone that she provided is a old cut sapphire, super deep and rounded on the bottom. Almost like a cabochon, but obviously a faceted gemstone (but one that you could turn upside down and make into a rose cut's also a strange oval, 6.5x7mm) Anyway, this is making my life difficult. The center stone is so deep that to set it in a ring with two side stones that are significantly smaller is creating,....,.....,....., um.....weirdness. In order to not look like they are on separate planet, I have to lift the smaller side stones up a bit, and to add to my troubles, I can't just make the ring flat to the finger, she wants the wedding band to sit snug with the three stone. I'm not sure if I can do it now, after spending hours and hours working on it. It might be a bit clunky and awkward...but that is my task for today. I also need to answer all the emails that piled up over the weekend. So I'm sitting in front of my happy light (a new addition to the home studio and one that I think I really needed. The PNW winter was starting to get to me) preparing to dig into my email...

Okay mes amis! Have a great Monday! (I'm going to try!)