(RE) Opening!

Okay! I'm not sure if I'm ready to start the year, but I think it is best to plunge right in. If I wait any longer, I might decide to sell my equipment and move back to Hawaii and spend the rest of my life surfing and eating eggs and rice with portuguese sausage.

I had a whirlwind trip down to Hell-A this last week. Seeing family (and meeting new family) was fabulous, but it was definitely not a relaxing trip. Plus, I hate southern California with a passion that defies description (I'm sorry so-calians, it is just a personal preference and I don't hold it against you...). Urban sprawl, strip malls as far as the eye can reach. People people people....I think I might do better out in Montana, I like a low population density (I think I'm a bit of hermit, deep down).

But, now I'm ready! (Ready, as in ready or not!) The shop is open, and the pugs are snoozing away in their old shipping box/dog bed, and I'm waiting, breathless, at the other end of the internets. :-)

This is something new that I'm pretty excited about:

I really dig two tone jewelry...especially rings for some reason. This one is palladium for the shank, and 18kt pink for the bezel. I love the 18kt pink, it is so peachy! I think I might have to do more dual color versions. I think an 18kt yellow shank, with a palladium bezel would be pretty awesome.