This is the year of organization

This is it! This is the year that I embrace rationality and organization. This is the year that I become an adult about my finances. Instead of an envelope/desk drawer/paper bag of crumpled receipts, I will keep meticulous records! I will develop a process for analyzing my out going and incomings! I will not be crushed at tax time like a tourist fleeing before the bulls of Pamplona! I will triumph over entropy and have an organized studio and mind.

Ugly used file cabinet (50$, City Liquidators) taking up precious studio space, CHECK!
Hanging folders, CHECK!
Interior folders, CHECK!
Plastic tabs, CHECK!
The discipline to organize receipts, CHECK?

Good tax preparation person? No. Still looking, any recommendations?
Decision about the new website? No. Contemplating, template versus custom site, any thoughts on this or experience out there? I'm really not sure what route to take.

Spread sheet to calculate prices and costs? CHECK! Now I am pricing according to a rational formula instead of just guestimating and wildly pricing, willy nilly! It makes answering emails much easier and less stressful. Credit goes to the Shop Monkey, an Excel Wizard.

Spread sheet to calculate a rough (very rough) estimate of what I should withhold for taxes? CHECK! (Has anyone noticed how quick the government can cash those estimated tax payment checks? It's like KAWHAM! We can't provide health care for you, or even decent public schools, but we can sure cash checks efficiently. Keep'em coming!)

So there I am. Planning for the future (sort of) instead of flying by the seat of my pants. What a strange feeling. Do any of you seasoned small business veterans have any tips or pointers? What else can I be organizing? I would love a reason to go to the Container store, I heart that place!