Micro rose cuts

I love diamonds. And not just because they are sparkly. I love them because they are hard and easy to work with. Plus they are sparkly. And I've been a magpie since I was a child. Seriously. My mom used to buy me big chunks of semi-tumbled rose and crystal quartz when I was weeny and I loooooooved them.

Anyhoo. I found these micro natural color rose cut diamonds and I just HAD to use them in something. So instead of making three matching bands (I had two of these already finished and was just planning on making the 3rd exactly the same) I ended up setting these new stones in instead of the white diamonds. I like it!

I think I'm going to use them in something for a necklace for my wedding (which is coming up in December....never too early to plan. Plus it is such a great opportunity to make something extravagant that I would never feel permitted to make/wear at any other times. Ridiculous, I know. I also found a dress...well sort of, I'm having it made in Cambodia. Hand loomed silk! Supporting a small business owner! A woman business owner! Sweet!).

Um...yes, back to the the necklace. I'm thinking 18kt yellow (of course), with a ton of these cognac/champagny/silver gray natural diamonds (maybe with some white traditional ones in there for good measure), in a gathered swoop sort of, and then two "medallions" of 18kt lacy filigree on either side? Too much? It won't be huge. I suppose I should figure out the wedding rings before I start on the necklace....