Sunshine, thank god.

I post this picture, not to reveal myself as a messy, disorganized person in desperate need of the services of a professional organizer and/or diligent custodian (Oh, the custodian! I wish I had one of my own...) but to provide photographic evidence of the sunshine that is streaming into my studio at this very moment. Perhaps it isn't a big deal to you lucky readers who live in more clement climes (alliteration!), but for me here in the beautiful PNW, a little bit of sunshine in early February is something to be celebrated and eagerly (read: voraciously...if it were possible, I would roll around in it like an enthusiastic dog in something stinky) soaked up. I can't explain to you how joyous a tiny bit of sunshine can make me. It doesn't even have to be warm and cheery, it just has to be direct sunshine, not a weak light filtered through a veil of thick gray clouds, watered down to a dull ooze. I swear, the winter here feels like you are living underwater. The light is very like what you see when you are fairly deep during a scuba dive.

I feel like the increased light of the last couple of days has really helped me, today I got to work at 9:30! Unheard of! During the summer I will wake as soon as it is light, but during the winter I don't want to really move or be productive until around noon. I've been sitting in front of a happy light every day, and I think it has been helping (who knows? but it is bracing, that has to count for something).

Anyhow, I'm going to get away from the computer (which is in the loft, away from the windows) and join the pugs in a little sun worship.

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