What to do when you are flagging..

What do you do when you are flagging? Because I have been flagging left, right, and center over here at the studio. Here I am, living the dream, and I'm still struggling to appreciate it. What is my deal? I ask you, what is my deal?!? It has even been sunny outside!

I'm think I'm suffering from a lack of motivation. A stifling malaise. I love my job, but I'm feeling lackluster right now and I need to figure this problem out in order to make my job sustainable mentally. The only way is to keep on keeping on! Coming up with new stuff. New stuff is the exciting stuff! To be honest, I really just want to make more earrings...I loooove earrings. But people don't seem to want to buy earrings (why is that? or am I wrong?). And often the earrings I want to make take too long to be economically feasible. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, or maybe I haven't made the right earrings, but they don't seem to be good sellers. But I want to be trying new things, in different ways and earrings have been calling to me. I have been very focused on trying to get myself to a certain level of quality for what I make, but I have lost sight of making new things, maybe imperfect things. I really like perfection, almost to the point of folly. I need to let that obsession go in order to move forward.

I don't really make earrings to sell in my shop, for various reasons. I generally make earrings as gifts, usually the day the gift is to be gifted. And I'm always in a rush, so I never take photos of these experiments. So I have no record of my random creations, and I think I like it that way. Maybe. My obsessive side wishes I had multiple photographs from every angle of everything I've ever made. But sometimes a candid mobile phone shot is even better:

BFF in B-day earrings

On an unrelated note, my engagement ring is almost finished. The casting turned out gorgeous! So yellow! So chunky....solid. That's all I'm going to say for now. It's super solid.