Pret-TY stoked!

I love doing things that are bit different, so I'm am excited to be working with different stones from my usual (diamonds).  I have a three orders right now that I will be making using unique stones.  One is with a natural silver-gray diamond.  It's gorgeous!  Even better than I expected, I almost squeaked a bit when I opened the package.  Gorgeous!  Almost opalescent, a light glittery fog.  I LOVE IT.  If I can get a good picture of it I will share it here.

The next project is with a lovely, blue-green Montana sapphire:

Lovely!  And I will use a blue diamond with this project as well, so I'm excited about that.  I really love colored stones.  You can't really tell from my Etsy shop, but I do really love the colored stones.  It is just a bit harder to work with them since they really vary from stone to stone, so it's hard to guarantee someone that you can get something exactly like they see in the photos.  Does that make sense?  But I would really like to see some more color in my shop, so I'm going to gradually add some in.  I am really digging on Montana sapphires at the moment, especially oval cut ones, so I think I might have to also make an oval ring to add to my shop.  I've been wanting to branch out in terms of stone shapes for a while now.  I think I'll start with oval and then add cushion.

And the last special project with a colored stone will be using a purple-blue sapphire that I have yet to pick out from my dealer, but I plan on doing that next week.  It is going to be lovely.  This is the same guy I blogged about earlier and he is fabulous, so helpful.  While I'm there I might pick up those smaller padparadscha I'm in love with.  I still need to make my wedding band, so maybe they will show up in that!

Have a great weekend everyone!