Sapphires Sapphires!

I've had a few requests lately  for unusually colored sapphires, so I made a treck downtown to see this stone guy who buys everything himself in Asia and brings them back to Portland.  I was looking for a greenish blue sapphire and a purple sapphire.  It was a big NOPE on the greenish blue, apparently he tries to avoid them since no one requests them.  Which makes me think he is selling to an entirely different group of people than I am.  Probably older, more traditional people.  He told me no one is interested because you can't get a true emerald like green from a sapphire.  I was thinking, that's exactly why I like them.  They are unique and more earthy.  Oh well.  There were some really pretty forest green oval stones that I might go back for, and some LOVELY light yellow round sapphires.  And some orange-pink ones that I think I want for a new eternity ring.  No pictures on any of those.  But I do have some of the lovely purples I am thinking of for a special project.

I'm also loving these lighter ceylon sapphires.

And he also had these gorgeous zircons, but they are too soft for wedding jewelry, unfortunately.

Absolutely LOVE the color though.  

And finally, these two tiny pugs that work at the studio with me want to say hello: