Where have you been?

Sorry everyone!  I've just been trying to get myself back into working mode.  For me that is the hardest part of working for yourself, no one expects you to stick to a schedule, so you have to supply all of the structure for yourself.  Which I am determined to do this year!  I want to have a more structured existence, in fact I need it!  Otherwise I just fritter away my days skipping from one website to another, reading the back entries of blogs (curse you, Apartment Therapy!), and consuming news media of all sorts.  I don't want to waste my life away on the desert that is the internet!  I want to do things that matter to me, not read about things that other people have done.  I want to practice the piano, quilt, cook, play with the pugs, and draw pictures!  I want to do things!  Actual things!  Not read random stuff off a computer screen.  I have an internet problem.  And I know I am not alone.  Can I get an amen?

Towards this end, I have instituted a daily schedule, that I am going (to try) to follow.  Of course there will be room to improvise.  But you can't improvise from nothing (at least I can't, my life just turns into a total sh*t-show...see above), so a framework is going to be a positive change for me.  I've even given myself a bedtime and a time to get up in the morning, and established some little pleasant rituals that will help me stay the course.  And I've banished the iPad to the studio, where it sits dormant until it has to go on a trip with me, instead of laying around the house like a black hole that an entire morning/afternoon/evening can vanish into.  Things have already improved since I've returned from my honeymoon, and I think that with the gradual build up of willpower, I will be where I want with my time management skills by the end of the year.

As for work, I'm going to try to manage that better as well.  I needn't go into extreme detail, but I am going to try to break things up into more reasonable chunks, and make a regular process for everything, rather than just using brute force to power my way through my work load.  I'm not a natural organizer, I tend to just try to get everything done at once, rather than using a progressive, step by step approach that would be more efficient.  So, that is my plan, maybe I will blog about my progress.

I am going to be adding a few pairs of earrings to the line up this year!  I'm pretty excited about them.  They are very plain, but nice I think.  They are exactly the sort of thing that I would like to wear, so I hope my taste doesn't differ too widely from the norm.

I don't have photos of new work, but I do have photos of my honeymoon, which I know you are all dying to see!