Oh, pictures of hands!

Oh, the indispensable wedding photo titled "Portrait of Rings."  Hehe!  I love it/hate it.  It is similar to the "Portrait of  Bride and Groom with Cake (no. 400 thousand million)."  No one is actually married unless there is photographic evidence of the actual cake eating. (Man, I would love a piece of cake right now.)  No one can escape the staged ring photo, not if your wedding photographer has anything to say about it. :-)

Not even me.  Witness the evidence below.

 You might recognize my ring from previous blog posts, but here it is in all of its bridal day glory.  The Shop Monkey's ring is one I made in platinum, special, just for him.  It has a shallow groove down the middle that is filled with my finger prints.  And the following picture is from someone I was lucky enough to make their wedding jewelry for.  And you should have seen the other photo!  I'm now convinced that my next wedding will need to be beach side. (Just kidding, I'm never getting married again!)