French Honeymoon earrings

(Me trying to feel French.  Check out all of that sun damage!  I must have got it from all of 
my topless sunbathing on the mediterranean, right?....)

When we were wandering through the charming Paris streets this last January, we stepped into this dusty little antique shop near the river.  The shop keeper was an ancient woman, exactly what you might picture as the keeper of a tiny antique shop in Paris.

In a jewelry case there was an adorable pair of red coral drop earrings with 18kt yellow ear hooks, so classic and sweet.  I'm not really a big jewelry wearer (oh, the irony), but under the influence of the Parisian sunshine (and feeling like an ugly American duckling....longing to be a French swan) I felt the urge to make them my own!

Then I saw the price tag.  I think it was something like 700 euros (!!!! OMFG!).  So that was the end of that.  But I was determined to have something of the same shape.  And so I made these first thing when I got home.

These are a little hefty, but I don't really mind since I like big earrings.  But I will also be making a smaller, more light-weight version for my shop as well.
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