The Raw Circle returns!

I had been debating whether or not to continue making Raw Circle rings, one of my first designs when I had just started out.  I made so many of them in the my first couple of years of business that I was a little tired of them.  And the way I was making them was wearing me out.  But I think I've perfected an easier way!  Can't wait to add it to my shop!

(Pretty decent picture, if you can ignore my fingerprint on the band!
If it is isn't pug hair photobombing my pictures, it's dust or my fingerprints.)

Not much else new going on here in the shop.  Wedding season seems to have started in earnest and I'm busy....especially as the house hunt also continues (and continues to disappoint!).  But I have hopes that we will find (and actually manage to purchase) a house soon.  And then it will just be moving house, and moving the studio (which I am dreading....I have so many tools and bits and bobs that moving the studio is a pain the ass of the first order!).