Wedding season begins in earnest.

Spring has finally sprung here in the gloomy rainy overcast depression inducing beautiful PNW!  Hallelujah!  Sunshine at last!  Even if it is intermittent, some sunshine is better than none.  So I'm enjoying it (while it lasts).  (To be honest with you all, I know I really belong in Hawaii.  I lived there for 3 years and they were the happiest of my life.  Some of us are just not suited to gray weather.)

So!  We've found a house!  OMG!  I'm trying to not get too excited (ha!), but we have a sale pending now and the house inspection is this Saturday.  We found it last weekend and when we walked in, it was literally like "We want to buy this house right this moment".  OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! (That was what my text messages to my sister were like all that day.  I'm afraid I wasn't very coherent.)  It's perfect!  3 bedrooms (plus a little bonus room off one of the upstairs rooms!), 2 baths, .48 acres.  It was built in the 30's, sort of a cottage type house with a peaked roof, and a big front window that has the original leaded glass.  So awesome!    The backyard was the clincher, though.  Fruit trees, fire pit, big patio, hedged in veggie garden area, and mature pinot grape vines.  OMG! And even a little out building that will become my studio (with a lot of elbow grease).  I LOVE IT.  I can't wait to get out of the condo we are in right now. When the Shop Monkey and I blended households, we both brought two animals to the union.  Me, the sweet angel pugs. And he, the Goddamn Kitties.  So things are a little crowded as they are.  I can't wait to have a bit more space.  We won't be moving until the beginning of July (couldn't be worse timing as far as my work is concerned), as long as everything goes smoothly.  Fingers crossed!