I'm so excited I can't even see straight

Dearest readers!  Now that some of the unpacking has been done and a little bit of painting, I'm starting to see the end of the move in sight.  Sort of.  We've painted the babies (baby's??) room a light grayish blue.  Still have the entire rest of the house to go.  At least the colors are decided on, except for the master bedroom.  And double bonus!  We found hardwood under the carpet on the stairs and in the nursery.  Hallelujah!  I have an extreme carpet phobia, so you can't know how thrilled I am to have wood floors throughout. 

But the real reason I am super stoked, beyond the great new house, double squid babies, giant park/yard etc. etc.?  Work starts on the the studio this next Monday!  (OMG!)  I think I've written before about how I've always dreamed about a backyard studio since childhood, with windows and shelves and a space!  Space!  Just for creative pursuits!  Now, I have really had that already, with the studio that I rent.  I love the space I have, but imagine a commute of only 20 steps?  So excited!  And with the twins on the way, it is even more important that I can comfortably work from home.  (At least that is what I tell myself when I start contemplating the expense of the remodel.  And besides, it will pay itself off in saved rent in a little over a year and a half.)

So here it is.  My tiny little cottage studio.  Not too bad from the outside.  Needs some landscaping help.  And a new door.  It has a door, but it is pretty beat. (Tiny pugs included for scale.  Building is around 11'x15'.)  What do you think of a bright new paint color on the exterior?  Right now it matches the house.

The inside has this strange divider wall that will be coming down.  It's not structural.

All of that work bench will be taken out as well.  (Weird divider wall to the right of the photo.)

 I think there will be semi-vaulted ceilings in the end.

They are going to add a window across from this one.

And this is the floor layout I am planning on (from above):

The door is directly bottom middle.  To the right is a sink. (A sink!  A sink! The apogee of my home studio ambitions!)  The walled off portion to the left will be where I put my jewelers work bench.  That is where I do the dirty polishing stuff, so I really wanted to keep it a bit separate from the rest of the studio.  The right hand counter will be my computer/businessy area.  On the left wall will be where I will set stones.  And the back wall will be wax carving and miscellaneous.  At least for now.  I can't really know how I will arrange things until I'm in there. 

Another view from through the right hand wall.  I plan on having storage cabinets interspersed underneath the counter throughout. 

I can't wait for it to be done!  Especially since this:

is only going to get harder to lug around in the coming months.  (You can see where I've been taping in preparation for painting.  This bathroom is going to be a bright island blue!)

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