Move-pocalypse now

Moving is the worst thing ever and I don't intend on doing it again for at least 10 years.  But at least the tiny pugs are enjoying their new kingdom:

Alas, I didn't take this photo, the shop monkey sent it to me earlier today.  I am not lounging around my new house, organizing my collection of tiny coffee mugs.  Instead, I am slaving away at work in the heat (which I have to admit, bothers me more as a pregnant lady than as a carefree 20 something).  But soon (maybe next month!!!!) my commute will be 40 feet or so.  Hallelujah!  I'll blog about the studio remodel soon.  Just need to get everything planned.

(On a babies related note, I had an appointment today and heard both heart beats, which was a nice reminder that I'm not getting fat for nothing. :-)