I have zero training in photography (which might be apparent to some of you, haha).  But necessity breeds invention, so when I first started out I tried a bunch of different things just to get a good shot.  I also take many many many pictures of the same items(s) in order to get a few good ones.  



The two photos above are the same set.   I love the walnut wood grain in the above photo, but I am having trouble getting the new "back drop" to be as luminous as I would like. 

When I first started out, I was taking photos on my computer table (the two above photos), which is walnut as well, but it has a lacquer on it, which I prefer.  I just need to put a finish on the raw wood from the first photo, I don't know what has taken me so long! (Actually, I do.  I also have the white back drop, which makes things fairly easy to photograph. LAZY.)  I would still photograph on my desk, but it is no longer in the right position to catch the sunlight.  I only like to use natural light to photograph.  I know some people like a light box set up, but I have never gotten it to work for me.  Plus it seems a bit uniform and dull, I like the drama that that the lighting from natural light can produce.  Of course it isn't as consistent, and you have to be careful to not overdo it.  It can also look different during different parts of the day.

Later afternoon/early evening makes everything a cooler blue.  I really like this effect.  It seems calm. Close to mid-day is much cleaner and brighter:

I feel like photographing towards the middle of the day and avoiding the blue tones is more consistent (see below), but I also really like the feel of the evening pictures.  Plus, I think it gives me an opportunity to show the different metals in different lights.

A similar set of rings, just photographed at different times (different metals and finishes as well).

I'm not really sure where I am going with this...I had the first two photographs and I just wanted to put them up on the blog and show the difference that a background can make.  And then I started meandering on and sort of ran out of steam.  Hehe.  Oh well.  And I'm not a photographer anyway, so I'm not sure how much more I could say on this topic.  You can't squeeze water from a stone.

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