My new commute

hahahahahahahahahaha!  So happy!

Yes, those are my house shoes.  No, I don't intend on making a habit of arriving at work in my pj's. 

Photos of the new studio coming soon!  I'm not all the way moved yet, I was distracted by a visit from my delicious niecettes.  So adorable!  But now that I'm back on my own, with only the pugs for company during the day (and of course, the two tiny squids karate chopping away at my insides) I think the unpacking and arranging will go quickly.  I'm SUPER happy with how everything turned out with the remodel/construction, it's so clean and bright!  It makes me a bit sad to have to fill it with all of my dusty work stuff.  I feel like I should be making cupcakes, collages or quilts in here.  I'm dreading the creeping mess of an actual working studio.  I know I just need to institute a 20 minute clean up at the end of the day, which I am determined to do (no! really!).