The excitement is building!

For me, anyway!  I'm planning on moving into the new studio this Sunday.  (And by moving, I mean overseeing other people move things, since I am double preggo and not allowed to lift heavy things.  A nice perk that almost makes up for the sleepless nights.)

New things that I might add to the shop eventually.  I really like the lack of texture and the high polish.  Although, I will admit, that I don't really dig on the high polish whilst I'm in the middle of high polishing.  Tedious.

And now a few photos of the studio project!

The drywall was all finished Friday.  This is a view at the ceiling and the little storage area.  The Shop Monkey heroically attempted to prime it on Sunday in 100+ degree weather, but he had to throw in the towel after the first coat (mostly because we were also painting the kitchen at the same time....I still haven't recovered. But the kitchen looks great!).

And then today!

I know these photos aren't super exciting in themselves, but these are my new cabinets and butcher block counters, just waiting to be installed (after the painting and flooring is finished)!  I am so excited to finally have contiguous workspaces and real storage.  I've been working with a hodgepodge of mismatched craigslisted tables and some kluged together shelving for the last few years and it's getting really old.  I'm going to be so organized when this is all finished, I can't even wait.  And my bedroom door is only about 25 yards away, so I can lay down in between projects (which is becoming more and more necessary, unfortunately).

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