Gratuitous baby post! (check back later for jewelry related content)

So we had a bit of trouble coming up with names. Who doesn't?  But I'm pretty pleased with what we eventually settled on.  They are pronounced Add-lye and Aven as in raven.  Those awesome letters are actually little stuffed fabric letters that my BFF made for me/them.  Aren't they awesome?  I especially like the colors.

Tiny Addy with his infant acne.  It's clearing up now.

Do we look tired?

Aven's quilt (just the top, I haven't made the back or quilted it yet...I'm just glad I got both done before they arrived.  It was a bit of stretch.  Being gimungous and sitting at a sewing machine sucks.).


Addy's quilt top.

Miso Cute!

Love these tiny ones!

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