Chug chug chugging along

Dearest readers, I am snatching a moment from the drudgery that is caring for two tiny tyrants to write a quick blog post.  Life is pretty okay.  Caring for two babies at one time is difficult, as I'm sure you can probably imagine.  Sometimes it looks like this:

Only to look like this a moment later:

I think the hardest part is not being able to really hold and comfort both at once (or at least not very well...I only have two arms.  It drives me to tears once in a while, it's that or laughing hysterically).  Sometimes the bouncy chair just doesn't cut it.  Poor little screamers.

I also have to admit that the only thing that makes parenting possible for me right now is this:

Unfortunately, my french press doesn't come with a smiling male nanny with a great tie.  Oh! To be independently wealthy!  

So I've had very little sleep the last two months.  I wish I were one of those people who can function on just a few broken up hours, but I have to be honest and say that the lack of sleep is the absolute hardest part for me.  I need sleep like I need water.  The Shop Monkey came up with an anagram for twins:  Two Wailing Infants, No Sleep.  And it's totally accurate.  Sometimes they sleep at night, sometimes they wail.  If only they would coordinate and do either at the same time.  It would make our life a lot easier.

I took on a single project for the month of February.  But I'm actually really eager to get back to work for real.  I love my little squirming squids, but escaping out to the studio is so fabulous, I'll be honest.  It really does feel like an escape.  It's quiet and all my own.  There are no bouncy chairs or burp cloths anywhere to be seen.  Does that make me a bad mama?  I'm torn though, about hiring a nanny.  As much as I need some help (and obviously, I will need someone here while I'm working), I don't want to  give my babies over to someone else!  I need to get over that, because I have to work.  Not only for the income, but for my own sanity.  I only plan on working 20-25 hours a week, but I know I need something beyond caring for my children to maintain my mental health.  My hat is off to all of those SAHMs out there.

Well, my sleep deprived delirium is probably causing me to overshare, so I will wrap things up.  I have a few new things spinning around in my mind, I'm super excited to get a chance to carve them.  I want to do a chunky semi-eternity ring, maybe with some texture on the settings and something with squared or arrow shapes.  So much time, so little to do! Strike that, reverse it.

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