Man, I sound tired

So here is short video of my new studio space.  I sound extremely tired and bit incoherent.  Sorry about that.  I am not one of those people who can function at 100% after a bad night of sleep (or 3+ months of bad sleep, as the case may be).  I think the thing I notice the most is that I seem to struggle for words.  Sometimes I will just stop talking about 2/3 of the way through a sentence and my husband will be like "what"?  And I then I won't remember what I was saying.  This doesn't happen in the video, but I do call the ultrasonic cleaner an ultrasound, and the sleeves on my apron, arms.  Haha. Maybe I need to increase my coffee intake.

The lack of sleep is KILLING me, but they sure are cute.

I've been working like a little gnome out in the studio on those new waxes.  I'm just not sure what metal to make the first versions in.  People seem to prefer white metals, but yellow gold is always calling my name.  We'll just have to see.