The horrible, no good, very bad week.

Dearest readers,

I had a pretty terrible week last week.  Nothing bad happened, no one died.  It was more of a "I didn't win the lottery" sort of bad, rather than "all of my money has been stolen" sort of bad.  But still pretty bad, for me at least.

Friday morning I got an unexpected email from my wonderful, sparkling, cupcakes and cotton candy, unicorns and pink kittens nanny.  It was terrible.  She quit!  She quit!  Effective that next Monday.  What did these little stinkers do to make her quit?!?!  Why!? WHY?

She had had a friend who recommended her for a job at a school, and the lady who was doing the hiring happened to know her and offered her the job right away.  And mandatory training started that next Monday.  So, it sucked for me and my whole life was turned upside down.  It's sort of hard to get any work done when you have two 8 month babies who have decided that now is a great time to start crawling.  Things are still crazy.  I'm happy for her, but disappointed that we no longer have her as our fabulous nanny.

And then, I was trying to get this rush order out last Thursday, and I was checking the diamond in the setting before I got ready to starting cutting the seat and it fell onto the ground and bounced by my toe and vanished.  Just disappeared.  Seriously.  I was all, no problem, it's some where.  It can't just disappear.  30 minutes of searching later I call in the Shop Monkey to help me....nothing.  I am just envisioning having to buy a new stone.  Tears, people.  Tears.

And then, for the 5th time, I check this one spot with a metal pokey tool and there it is.  Let me show you:

It was wedged into that little space in the last photo.  I was about to pull my hair out when I finally found it. 

And then:


Don't worry, I practice catch and release.  OMG, still creeped out.  And there was another one, later, on the floor.  I hope I'm not going to get eaten.

This week is starting out better than last week, I hope everything works out with the new nanny.  It's fewer hours than I had before, which isn't fantastic.  The babies like her though, and that's important.  They are so awesome right now.  They're both so fast and funny, I love it.