Sometimes you have a project where everything seems to go wrong wrong wrong

Are there any of you out there that experience this?  It seems like certain projects are just cursed, and bad things just keep happening, one thing after another until the project is ruined.  Or finished, after much cursing.  I swear, at least once a year I will have a project that makes me want to throw myself off of a bridge.  I've either miscalculated how much it will cost to make, or underestimated by like a million hours how long it will take to make (or both! which is always fabulous).  Or while I'm in the middle of the project, things will just keep going wrong.  Well, I had the perfect storm of a project and it combined the best elements of all three of these things.  Seriously made me want to just give up and get a desk job.  What a nightmare.  If they hadn't been for a lovely repeat customer who I really like I would have given up and sent a refund (which I have never before done). 

And then I had a couple of pieces of casting not turn out, so I had to remake them.

Giant pit, right in the bezel.  The other one was the same metal and had a giant pit, right in the same spot.  That is where the sprue was.

Things just seem to be going wrong all over the place.  And I'm being attacked by spiders.

This is the THIRD giant terrifying spider that I've found in the studio.  Maybe it was the same one, I did catch the first one and let it go down at the bottom of the yard (and by letting go I mean flinging into the bushes from the jar he was trapped in), perhaps he came back for revenge? (From being rescued from my sink?)  I let this one go too, although I got super shivers from catching it.  I took a video of it moving around, but I don't want to horrify people.  Ugh. I don't mind spiders generally, but when they're this big....

And I finally got a hair cut after a year and it's terrible.  I have triangle hair now, it's horrible.  I feel like I need to go out and buy some acid washed mom jeans with pleats.  The worst part is, it was finally starting to look good and now I have to start over.  And my hair grows SO SLOWLY.  And my stylist is usually awesome, so I don't even know what happened.

I'm really hoping that things will start improving soon.  I'm not sure if I can take being in a deep gray funk already, and it's only September.  How will I make it through the winter?